Hard Choices:
Adapting Policy and Management to Water Scarcity

Senator Tom Udall and NMSU President Barbara Couture will co-host this year's NM WRRI annual water conference. This one-day conference will address the impact of water scarcity in the West, particularly in New Mexico. The conference aims to address the major uses of water and explore practice and policy opportunities to sustain uses as supply decreases with particular attention to impacts among agriculture, urban, and rural uses. Other topics being explored include the current state water budget; deteriorating infrastructure; water markets and rights; basin hydrology; watershed restoration; floodwater capture; and salinity control.

The conference will include four panels modeled after a Senate hearing, where panelists will provide a very short statement and then respond to moderator and audience inquiries. This open forum will allow academics, farmers, ranchers, and the general public to talk about water use and its impact on New Mexico's unique heritage. The conference will also benefit city planners, economic development entities, environmentalists, local, state and federal agency staff, national laboratories, water attorneys, and private water firms.

The conference will also host a reception with poster presentations at the end of the day. Registration is only $25 with no charge for full-time students with an ID.

The 57th Annual New Mexico Water Conference has been approved for 5.7 credits by New Mexico MCLE.

Sponsored by: NM WRRI, NMSU, Tom Udall, LANL, EBID, SNL, McElyea, RGBI
Rio Grande Basin InitiativeHazel & Ulysses McElyea Endowment